Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to School Important Dates

Hello Parents!


My name is Kendra Paraskevopoulos, I teach in the Preschool 3s and 4s classroom and I am also the Director of Admissions and Recruitment for the Glenview New Church School.  You will be getting monthly emails from me reminding you about our upcoming events for the month and the different ways you can get involved in our school activities.  


I wanted to put a few things on your radar before the beginning of the school year.  


School Website:

We've worked hard to make our school website more useful.  Some of the great things you can find there:

Under 'Calendar' tab

-up to date School Calendar

Under the 'Parents' Tab:

- Student Handbook (policies and procedures)

- This monthly newsletter  

Under 'Programs' Tab:

- After school enrichment registration forms

- Tuition, financial aid information, programs offered information

Under 'About'

- Teacher and Administration bios and email addresses


First Day of School on Tuesday, August 23rd.

For K-5 students, those classes will begin in the classroom at 8:30 in the morning.  After parents drop off their students, they are welcome to visit with the principal and pastors with coffee and snacks in ouAssembly Hall until our opening school day Chapel at 9 am.


For preschool students, parents and caretakers can drop off students as early as 8:50 am.  Parents are welcome to stay with students and attend the whole school opening chapel at 9 am and sit with our class.  If parents stay for chapel, please walk with us back to the classroom to drop off your child.  There was a typo on the school calendar for the first day of school, there is a full day of preschool from 9 - 2:45, for preschoolers who have enrolled in full day preschool on August 23rd.  


Parent/Teacher Orientation and Back to School BBQ on Friday, August 26th - 5 pm

In past years, GNCS has had separate events for our back to school BBQ and our Parent orientation night.  This year we are combining the two nights into our parent/teacher night on August 26th.  We will be grilling up meat and veggie burgers.  The school bouncy castle will be set up.  At 6 pm, we have a children's musician who will put on entertainment for your children, with babysitters helping out as well, while you as parents go into the next room to meet with the principal and teachers.    

This is an important night to get to know your child's teachers routines and expectations.  If you cannot make the event, please try to arrange a time with your homeroom teacher, to go over what information he or she has for you.


Parent and Teacher Network

GNCS is starting up a Parent and Teacher Network this year, lead by Monika Smith ( , Jill Reynolds (  and Gillian Frasier (  The PTN will be asking your family to sign up to volunteer at 3 school events this coming year.  They will also be organizing parent socials to help our parents network and support our school.  It would be great for you to get involved with our PTN, ask about what events they need help at and find out when the socials are.  The more our parents are involved in our school, the stronger it will be.  More information will be coming!

Thank you for joining our school, we're excited for this to be an amazing school year.  

Kendra Paraskevopoulos

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